I need to be quiet
Never money to care

All his fellow-beings for brothers


Mitza's black ribbon against war and violence / April 2007

George Santayana's mother wrote this to her husband around 1880 127 years have passed and still people are dieing at the bidding of some superior.” [3320 U.S. soldier deaths in Iraq; between 60,000 and 500,000 Iraqi civilian deaths]

I am glad that our son has no inclination to be a soldier. No career displeases me more, and if I were a man it would repel me less to be a hangman than a soldier, because the one is obliged to put to death only criminals sentenced by the law, but the other kills honest men who like himself bathe in innocent blood at the bidding of some superior. Barbarous customs that I hope will disappear when there are no Kings and no desire for conquest and when man has the world for his country and all his fellow-beings for brothers. You will say that I am dreaming. It may be so. Adieu.

~ Doña Josefina Borrás in a letter to her husband


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