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Make your own Crumbs


OK, here we have Acme brand Italian Style Bread Crumbs that were in the refrigerator. I was making a meatloaf and thought I'd throw in a few bread crumbs . . . until I took a look at the ingredients. About one-third of the way down it listed CORN SYRUP. What was corn syrup doing in bread crumbs? And following that was PARTIALLY HYRDROGENATED VEGETABLE SHORTENING! Again, what was that doing in bread crumbs? Both of those were enough for me to decide that this can was going right into the trash, but I kept reading to see what else was in there . . . among other things, MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE (wasn't that the thing in Chinese Take-out that caused headaches?). See the label of all the things you never thought would be in a can of bread crumbs after the jump.

Maybe it's best to make your own bread crumbs and season them as you please.



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