The dust of everyday Life
Color influences the Soul

Do colors express an idea or feeling?


Three Pink Flowers / Sveti Vid, Croatia / May 2005

From Alan Fletcher's The Art of Looking Sideways:

During the 1930s the painter Amedee Ozenfant, intrigued with colour metaphors, decided to record colour words which expressed an idea or feeling. He randomly selected five pages from the works of fifty French poets commencing with Baudelaire and ending with Cocteau. He then tallied up the number of times they occurred. Pink or Rose (hue not flower) came tops. The primaries of blue, red and yellow came next with a 55 per cent preference for blue but only 18 per cent for yellow. Of the three secondary colours only green was mentioned. Orange and purple didn't turn up at all. I don't quite know what conclusion to draw except that they do say that "If you're in the pink, everything seems rosy!"


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