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The Smoke that Cheers?


When you have an old house you never know what will pop out of it. This empty cigarette package was under the floorboards on the third floor. I googled the brand name and found four advertisements that sold on ebay:

  • In a 1913 advertisement from the March issue of Country Life in America magazine a package costs 15 cents. The tag lines are “The smoke that cheers” and “Distinctively Individual”. (See a copy after the jump.)
  • A 1949 ad with actor Basil Rathbone showed the same package design (“Now at length – quality in a long cigarette –Fatima! First Quality for 30 years. If you like a long cigarette, buy the best of long cigarettes. Buy Fatima . . . it’s MY cigarette.” signed Basil Rathbone)
  • A 1950 ad from the Saturday Evening Post shows the same package design. (“Sales reports show these sensational increases in smokers: NEW YORK DIVISION—UP 132%, CHICAGO DIVISION—UP 453%, LOS ANGELOS DIVISION—UP 545%.)
  • A 1952 Life magazine ad showed a different design for the package. And they’re now called “King size” cigarettes rather than “long”.

I guess my package is at least 55 years old. I've never been a smoker, but looking at these ads ("pure and wholesome" — if they only knew!) and the exotic packaging (even though they are from Richmond, VA) are enough to make me long for ". . . the little luxuries in life."



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